The wool

Reggio Emilia

This yarn comes from a little farm located on Reggio Emilia hills, a town in the north of Italy.
The breed is mixed with the Lacaune race that comes from France and it's a merinos wool.
The sheep are shorn once a year, in spring, and kept in the barn, at warm, during the winter season.

The wool is washed and spun without additives or chemicals and preserves all the natural qualities of lanolin and keratin
Thats why, you will find a little bit of hay in the fibre (whitch you can easily remove) and will feel a little (very little) sticky on your hand when you knit it. The stickiness is the lanolin and it's so good for your skin and your hand joints!!


This wool is a beautiful story about recicling, non waste and woman work, and i love it so much.
Maria Tavres is a portuguese woman who lives in the country side of Cesena, in the region Emilia Romagna.
She collect the wool from the the sheperds of this hills, that would otherwise be thrown away.
She select the best parts of that wool and spinn it.
The result is a rustic, warm, zero waste natural wool!
I hope you will love it as much as i do.