My name is Bianca (meaning "white" in Italian)

I'm from Bologna, Italy and living in Munich, Germany

Few years ago I started dyeing the wool just for fun, after a natural dye workshop i participated. Turned out i really liked it and very quick it became a real passion, and I told myself "hey, this is what i want to do, every day!"
I started to dye with food colours in my home kitchen using natural products only (like vinegar and potassium alum)
Now i have my atelier in Munich, so i don't have to put my Bialetti next to the dye pot anymore, and you can come visit me!

I really care about the planet, and the pollution, and the textile industry can be very polluting. That's why i work hard to find small producers and farmers who works respecting the nature, the animals, and the people of course.
You can find all the details about the wool i use in "the BASES" page

I have a passion for sewing, so, during the pandemic i started making project bags and needle cases.
I collaborate with artist Juan Tardivo for my hand printed bags.

Everithing i make, i'm doing it listening to good music all the time!
Music is a very important component in my life, that's why i decided to name the colors of the skeins whit the titles of the song i like.
I'm aware that i have particular music taste, but mabe can be a chance for you out there to know some artist the you didn't know before!

From the white of the wool to another color, from Bianca (white) to you
with love of course